Exponential Performance Breakthrough

“The Work Clarifies your Life’s Path, Enabling the Successful Navigation of Goals”

Unleash your Business and Leadership Potential

I know who you are. You have endless ideas and a heart to reach as many people as possible with your brilliance. You want to

contribute to the world, make money in the process, maybe change things for the better, and leave a wonderful legacy.

You’ve read the books and it’s like reading the cheat codes for a game.

Except, In real life the cheat codes vary with each person.

The work we do together will identify and reveal these codes, and we will then do our gentle, but powerful, Mind-Imagination work, bringing you to the Exponential Moment which continues to unfold and expand far beyond the time of the session.

In most cases, the work is done in 4-hours, with remarkable and lasting results.

07/22 Testimonial

“With depression, sometimes it happens like this: You just wake up in the thick of it and can’t remember the journey; how you got there — because for some, depression doesn’t hit all at once. For me at least, depression more kind of crept into my bones like a winter chill, little-by-little, over the course of many weeks — perhaps months — until I was spending most of my days struggling to start or finish even simple, everyday tasks. My procrastination had grown so chronic, that I became practically paralyzed with inaction. And that’s because for me the world had became a dark place. That, dear friends, is the state of struggle Joan Sharp found me in when we first met. Joan, however — after just a few probing questions — knew exactly what magic to administer to get me back out into the light. Her effect on me has been nothing short of life-transforming.

Today, I burst with fulfillment because I’m off pursuing meaningful goals, taking charge of my daily life. Piles of to-do lists are things of the past, because now I easily tear through my day accomplishing all that I set out to do.

The icing on the cake is that even my loved ones have noticed the change. My wife and children are more than thrilled! I’m a better dad and husband, for sure.

In addition, less than a month after Joan, I found interesting and worthwhile employment, finally.

And I owe it all to Joan. My life has changed, plain and simple. She’s a miracle worker.”

Al Barber

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