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This is a review based on the excellent work that Joan has provided for my daughter. My daughter struggled with throwing fits, being easily upset and influenced. Nothing we were doing seemed to be working but since meeting with Joan she has learned to deal with things in a different manner also express herself better instead of crying or thinking she always has to be angry when trying to get her point across she now takes her time with talking to me and has always been doing her breathing she was taught to help her relax. She loves Joan and gets so excited when she comes over for their session. I would highly recommend her to everyone.

Kameren Davis

in her element

Dear Joan,

I want to thank you for such an amazing session. You are a true healer and guide in the work you do.

What I loved most about your style is you are very gentle and non threatening in your approach helping me unlock the unconscious energy that has been blocking my potential and success in life. Your quiet and calming voice, as you ask questions and guided me to peaceful place, opened my heart and soul to heal a very deep childhood trauma in a way I never thought possible. I want to thank you so much and I look forward to more sessions in the near future. You are very gifted healer.

Michelle Babitz


Thank you.

June 8, 2021
Working with Joan allowed my body to release the daily constant fight or flight response. In the quantum session, we went really deep, where she was able to access the root of some distressing emotions and memories that would take hold of me. I was able to finally feel some peace in my body and a shift in my energy.
Joan is very intuitive, patient, kind, and resourceful.

If you are looking to shift your state or release troubling emotions, I highly recommend working with Joan.

April 2021 re weight loss: I used to be a successful model but that was many years ago. I left it for a freer lifestyle. I decided I liked eating and sleeping and being healthy. However the freedom and the change brought to me unwanted pounds. Also a result of age. The pandemic hit me hard. All of my socializing came to an end, and I was housebound. I ate from nervousness. And from frustration. And even a certain amount of loneliness missing my friends. I am grateful to have an adoring husband of many years, but I was still frustrated. Having no socializing was not a fun thing. I had heard about Joan through a friend and after meeting her, I decided to have a session. she promised a one-time session would take care of everything that I was going through. It was one of my best decisions ever. We had a 3 1/2 hour session and since then I have had no cravings, the frustration is gone, and I am happy and losing weight. I am so grateful to Joan Sharp and I highly encourage anyone to test her limitations as a hypno-therapist. I don’t think she has any. I think she can do anything.


April 2021: All I needed was to relax. Staying home for over a year with my young son was wearing on me. He is a toddler and very demanding. I also wanted to be a little more organized. Miss Sharp spent only one hour with me. She even got my son to allow us to go through this process. He played with his toys the whole time and left me alone to go into a deep state of relaxation. It was like a vacation. She called it Peace and Tranquility session and told me it would be like I went on a vacation. It was amazing and I was very grateful. She also, somehow, improved my ability to get organized, even with all of the attention that my son demands. It was quick, simple, lasting and like magic. I highly recommend her. Her site gives many areas of very effective work.


With depression, sometimes it happens like this: You just wake up in the thick of it and can’t remember the journey; how you got there — because for some, depression doesn’t hit all at once. For me at least, depression more kind of crept into my bones like a winter chill, little-by-little, over the course of many weeks — perhaps months — until I was spending most of my days struggling to start or finish even simple, everyday tasks. My procrastination had grown so chronic, that I became practically paralyzed with inaction. And that’s because for me the world had became a dark place. That, dear friends, is the state of struggle Joan Sharp found me in when we first met. Joan, however — after just a few probing questions — knew exactly what magic to administer to get me back out into the light. Her effect on me has been nothing short of life-transforming.

Today, I burst with fulfillment because I’m off pursuing meaningful goals, taking charge of my daily life. Piles of to-do lists are things of the past, because now I easily tear through my day accomplishing all that I set out to do.

The icing on the cake is that even my loved ones have noticed the change. My wife and children are more than thrilled! I’m a better dad and husband, for sure.

In addition, less than a month after Joan, I found interesting and worthwhile employment, finally.
And I owe it all to Joan. My life has changed, plain and simple. She’s a miracle worker.

Al Barber

November of 2021: It was incredible! I didn’t know what to expect. I had experienced hypnosis in the past, but this was different. Very different. I went into a waking dream state and saw and felt things that I never felt before. I came to Leslie because of a belief that I had in my early death related to a past cancer. I wanted to extend my life. It was incredible how she re-interpreted the meaning of the symbols that I held in mind. She not only got me to release trauma going back to childhood, but she changed my entire outlook. I no longer experience limitations in my life span. I feel freer than I have in decades. I am so grateful. I had one 4-hour session.

9/2021 All I could say is “Wow.” I am well into my 60s and I’ve had a problem up until now. That problem has been in sustaining interest in an idea. No follow through. I did two short sessions with Ms. Sharp, each one about an hour. I am experiencing being grounded for the first time in my life! The most amazing thing is that I never told her that was my problem. She decoded that herself. I’m so grateful. Along with this, she enabled me to get clarity on one idea that I realize could bring in millions. I have been living hand to mouth for about 30 years. This is the first time that I can feel it changing.

07/21 I was adjusting to a recent divorce. I kept up a good front like I was confident and didn’t waver. But deep inside I was unsure about all of it. I just knew that I couldn’t live with the betrayal. We spent time in the session going over many, many aspects of my life, my entire life. I didn’t see the relevance of it until the guided subconscious part. Afterwards, there was a subtle and powerful shift. I couldn’t believe how this session changed me! I found that I was secure in my decisions, knowing who I was. I had full clarity.
For three years I was unable to find a balance, a center. Now here it was. And I knew that it was a long term change of stability. I hadn’t felt so confident in years!


I went to Thwack!ch to prepare for a major vocal audition. After working with Joan I not only felt prepared for the audition – she was quickly able to give me additional techniques to improve my reach and power-on when belting – but I left feeling much more at peace and sure of my talent and place in the world as an artist. I am finding a new confidence and joy in my craft thanks to the powerful visualization and breath work I did with Joan at Thwack CH.

P. Laine

I am a professional vocalist and I met Ms. Sharp when I was stepping into a role that required operatic ability. I had received accolades as a vocalist for many years, but I did not have the chops to do opera. Joan helped me in three sessions. We addressed my mental “environment,” as she called it, but also she helped me with technique! I don’t have the space here to describe all of the ways she helped me. However, I was approached by an investor, to make a major album that featured all of my styles of singing. All of my singing before Ms. Sharp, with which I traveled the world, was mediocre in comparison to what I could do after my sessions with her. And it all happened in three sessions!


I’ve been working on a big project that’s taken me over 2 years to finish. I’ve been 90% done for a year. I seemed to have a block or resistance to finishing it for some reason. I decided to book a session with Joan to try to clear any blocks that might be present. The session was 2 hours and it was incredible! She took the time to learn about me and ask very thought-provoking questions to get at the core of the issue in a gentle and loving way. The guided meditation portion of the session was amazing. Her voice is so calming. All I can say is I worked on my project a few days after the session and it did feel different! The anxiety was gone! And I had so much more clarity and excitement around finishing it. I really think the changes are attributed to our session!! I’m very grateful for Joan. She is truly a gifted healer. ❤️

Grace Douglas

J Leslie here is a testimonial. It’s only the truth.

“Working a few sessions with Ms. Sharp has helped improve my life perspective considerably. Her exercises and insight has helped me cut through lingering emotional anxiety and focused my outlook during a time of transition and worry.. I would recommend anyone with interest and open mind to try with her practice. She is an amazingly creative and life experienced person with genuine care for other.”


I’m sorry I have to cancel our session this week, I was looking forward to it because something is happening — today I was excited about life for the first time in months, maybe years!

( a recent text from a client)

My life is very stressful and I desperately needed some tranquility. I was already taking meds for anxiety, but they no longer worked. It was recommended to me by a friend, to call Ms. Sharp. At the end of one session I felt a deep peace that I hadn’t felt in many, many years. I am continuing with her amazing sessions.

A. Kenaman

Because of childhood trauma that lasted for several years, I developed a hoarding problem. This carried on throughout my adult life and I am now in my early 40s. It has taken a toll on my friendships, my marriage, and my self-esteem. Over the course of several sessions, I discovered more and more about the cause of this. More importantly though, I discovered that I was so much more than these symptoms. I now have a very healthy approach to organizing and discarding things. As a side perk, I have been able to release nearly all of my childhood trauma. My life is much more exciting and my marriage has been saved. Each of these sessions seemed like a miracle in the making. I highly recommend Ms. Sharp to anyone who desires to lift their lives to a higher level.

–Richard S.

I wanted to sing a song at a small and intimate gathering. I wanted to dedicate it to my adult daughter in honor of a graduation event that was upcoming. I needed to prepare within a week! I am not a singer! I had almost daily lessons for a week, and after each lesson I could hear and feel a dramatic difference in ability. I was extremely pleased with my performance and others commented very favorably. I have told everyone I know about Ms. Sharp’s amazing coaching abilities.


My business had plateaued and I was at a loss of what to do. I had tried advice from professionals, but it made no difference. A friend told me about Ms. Sharp. Though “mind and imagination” work didn’t, on the surface seem relevant, after an initial free consultation with her it all made more sense. I did discover that I had blocks that were holding me back. In other words, I was holding myself back. It just took a few sessions with her to change my pattern. It felt effortless and even joyful. I am so grateful.

-Virginia K.

I had experienced a series of disillusioning events. These events related to friendship, marriage, and my abilities as an artist. They left me confused about who I was. I began to feel as though I had no true purpose in life. Every single aspect of my existence fell apart except for my work. I was very grateful that my work continued but felt strain even in that setting in light of these personal failures. I had been seeing a conventional therapist for a year prior to contacting Ms. Sharp. I had thought highly of this therapist and felt as though there was satisfactory improvement. Nevertheless I had heard about Ms. Sharp’s work with mind and imagination and thought that it couldn’t hurt. I had no idea what to expect! We had a few sessions with just focused conversation which helped immensely. Then she used her techniques of NLP and Hypnosis. I don’t even know how she did it, but my entire outlook changed. I was more enthusiastic about life, about work, and felt as though everything was ongoing. I had not lost anything of value. The changes have been lasting and welcome.

K Mershson

In working with Ms. Sharp, I realized that I had repressed feelings of guilt and shame regarding an abortion that I had at age 30. I was married and my husband didn’t quite feel ready to go from a couple to a family. I had my own insecurities as well, and just gave in. I decided to end the pregnancy. Later, even with fertility treatments, I found that I couldn’t carry a baby to term. My thoughts of being a mother had been shattered. I was haunted by images of the baby that would have been and questioned the ethical aspect of my decision. Ms Sharp helped me in what seemed to be a miraculous session. In this session there was no advice given, no judgement, and no digging. All that needed to come up, came into the conversation easily, though perhaps poignantly. I am so grateful to Ms. Sharp because the dynamics of our marriage have improved remarkably. I am much more assertive and much more involved in every aspect of our lives. I feel that a great weight has been released. I encourage others to avail themselves of the expertise that I experienced. For me, it all happened in just one session.

I referred to myself honestly, as a “hot mess.” I apologized for being a “handful” even before we got started. My frustration was in my real estate business. I felt that I was not reaching my potential. I had brains and ability and had helped others, but I found that I sabotaged myself at every turn. We discovered that I had lots of guilt relating to the death of my husband. I loved him dearly and respected him deeply. Still I had guilt about how I had treated him in our marriage. There were others issues too. Countless. There was childhood trauma, rejection and too much to list here. After one session with Joan, I was completely different. I was smiling and buoyant and curious to know more. I was ready to sign up for regular sessions twice a month. Joan suggested that I wait and see how I feel. To my true amazement, my feelings of smallness and inadequacy did not return. My life felt completely different. I was invested, enthusiastic, buoyant, motivated. If she can do that for me in one session, I’d say she can accomplish anything.

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Nov 2021
I felt the need to share my experience here. So far, I have only received the Free Mini Session. I can’t believe the change! I have released trauma going back 3 years AS WELL AS 60+ years! This is physiological trauma as well as emotional and psychological. I had not much expectation for a free session, but I did have a feeling about her. Joan let me know that this was not a healing session, but sometimes the healings happen even in this short session. She said that it would at least be a pleasant experience. After this session I can’t wait for the Quantum session. We have made an appointment, but I’m so excited, I’m going to try to re-arrange my schedule to make it even sooner. The work took less than 45 minutes!

March of 2021: I feared that I was putting on too much weight. I had my eating habits under control for years, but with CoVid and having to stay home, I began eating out of boredom and nervousness. All of my bad habits and cravings returned. I was afraid of going back to my largest weight. I was referred to Ms. Sharp by a friend. She told me about one long session to address all of the eating issues. I was a little skeptical, but she came so highly recommended I had to try. We set aside four hours and met in person. It was an amazing meeting. I thought of things that I hadn’t thought of in years! There was no strain, no homework, no diet, no scolding, no supplements, no medication, no counting calories. It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life and one of the best decisions I ever made. I lost my cravings and embraced the exercise I had told Ms. Sharp that I wanted to do. It was miraculous. I feel completely whole as though parts of me that had been missing have come back. I most assuredly recommend Ms. Sharp for weight.

D. MacKenzie

I stepped into Ms. Sharp’s home, completely skeptical. I was attracted to the idea of strengthening the bonds between myself and my unborn baby, but didn’t expect much. I felt scattered and my life seemed to be in complete chaos. I was certain that nobody could improve my outlook or my life in one session. I began having more confidence as we spoke. She has a gentle nature and my thoughts and memories rose up easily. The session took 2 and a half hours. I’m not quite understanding how she was able to glean so much about me in that one session. But the results speak for themselves. My baby is my clear priority and I feel no conflict or competition with anything else. I am keenly aware of the importance of my thoughts and projections. It is all effortless and natural, and yet so different from how I was. I highly recommend a session to anybody who wants to enhance their pregnancy and birth experience. The benefits will continue well beyond the birth event.


All I had was the free mini-session. I couldn’t believe it! Working with Joan for just one hour was so empowering. I advise anyone to experience her work for even just an hour.

“I thought that having an abortion was going to be a simple affair. I got some advice but maybe could have gone to some better experts. Anyway, the feelings that I have experienced since taking the pill have been overwhelming. They have been devastating. I seeked some professional help but couldn’t really pour out all of the details to my therapist. I have kept most of my feelings to myself. I am pro-choice and needed to find somebody who understood that mindset. I had kept the details of that day to myself until I saw an ad for Thwack!ch and met Joan Sharp. I told her everything. I felt safe and that she would understand. Then we went through the process. It was so pleasant, truly beautiful. I couldn’t stop thanking her. Everything is different now. I have my full feelings back, I am engaged in life again. I owe her so much for the minimal investment I made in dollars. I highly recommend her for any trauma, buried emotions, and the like. And I understand she addresses other issues as well.”

Debbie G.

A recent email 5/14/21 re a session for intense pain:

Thank you so much for today. When I opened my eyes and saw you, I could see these beautiful yellow flowers kind of like coreopsis. And since then I’ve been experiencing so much less pain. Still the same movement dysfunction’s that are structurally-based but so much less pain. I’m very excited about that. Amazing.

I met with a couple surgeons this week and it looks like I’ll have surgery June 18. Hopefully I can keep working these couple days a week that I’ve been called back until then-with much less pain that’ll be possible!

Thank you for your skills and also your generosity
We will stay in touch! I hope you are blessed the way you bring blessings to others

Kate T.

I had a mini session with Ms Sharp and I couldn’t believe the change. I had been taking medication for crying without stopping. I had not been able to focus on anything for over a year and a half. The crying was out of control. This was related to an abortion and the events surrounding it. She told me it was just a fraction of the power of a full session. I can’t even imagine that. I was able to relax, to focus, and even release much of the intensity of the feelings. It felt resolved somehow like a miracle. Life feels very different now. I’m able to envision a future, motivation has returned. I feel normal finally. This was far more than I got from over a year’s worth of standard therapy.

Martha T.