When we think of the word “trauma” we usually imagine a very severe, extreme state of injury; Somebody in the hospital who was in a terrible accident with broken ribs, a punctured lung, possibly unconscious, who is on a very delicate balance between life and death. Ironically, however, nearly all of us are walking around in a partially traumatized state. We have biological and emotional incidents from which we have not fully recovered, and the fallout remains in our tissues and memory just enough to rob us of our ability to be fully present at any given moment in time. We are always living partially in the past, in a combination of pain and resentment, even possibly shame and guilt. We definitely need access to our past, and our memory is very valuable, so we need to appreciate these facets of ourselves, and yet not to be overwhelmed or overshadowed by them. Some people go into therapy for years trying to rid themselves of the daily emotional pain and resulting coping habits. For many, a personality is made up entirely of coping mechanisms and ways to shut down.  The tragedy: There is so much more to life that these people are missing! All the good stuff.

The wave of relief that comes when these issues are resolved, neutralized, and seen in context of an entire life, is indescribable. Its beauty and gentle power soothing the entire nervous system and calming the mind. My clients who have experienced this have thanked me profusely as they return to their daily life that is now, so much more fulfilling.

It goes way beyond a medication, an affirmation, or a meditation. There is a new understanding and a different way to embrace the memory.

Trauma finds us all at some point or another. It seems to be a non-negotiable part of this human existence. How do we handle this trauma, or how does it handle us? Change comes through trauma, and change is inevitable, in fact, it is the only constant. The butterfly is always waiting to emerge. Let’s create a cocoon and allow the butterfly to form to maturity as it finds its way out of the binding.