Bringing You To The Exponential Moment. Releasing Mental Chains.

My work has been quite powerful with women who are experiencing emotions over Abortion, and abortion-related emotions. Some were diagnosed with severe PTSD, and given meds. These medical solutions were not successful and often caused a multitude of problems. Other women were never diagnosed, but suffered silently for many years. My work was quite successful, regardless of the passing of time, resulting in long-lasting relief, and bringing into play both joy and spontaneity. Naturally following is a marked increase in social functioning as well as more clarity in work and career.

I’m keenly aware of the need for Veterans, both male and female, and those otherly-gendered, to dissolve and release blocks, fears and anxieties. Because my work brings deep and lasting results in a matter of hours, Thwack!ch is an excellent choice for those individuals who are suffering.

Because of the above, I make special consideration for these clients.

For now, I  accept such clients for no charge. I have worked with many for free up to this point, and will, as stated here, continue.

Thwack!ch aka The Exponential Moment strives to raise each client to a higher frequency by dissolving blocks, fears and anxieties, opening the way to unconditional self-love. With this new resonance, they recognize themselves as a positive part of the human fabric, uplifting and inspiring those around her or him. We nurture a more complete and wholistic being, engendering joy and spontaniety, as well as unfettered growth and possibility.

And by achieving these high standards, the work demonstrates that lasting and complete healing can often happen in a matter of hours, and often without the need for prescription medications.