The Kimberly Project

Discounts for Kimberly Session and Kimberly Package.

Free Workshop! Focus on your goal!
This is life-changing.
Nothing is too big, nor too small, but let it be NECESSARY for your happiness
Contact to make an appointment. I will call you or email with details!

A Single Quantum Session  4-hr

(can be broken into Two 2-hr sessions, same price)

Regular Price $1997

Kimberly Price $697

Kimberly Package – Quantum Plus

A Package that includes, not only the Quantum Session, but two more sessions that focus on your new awareness, and some amazing breathwork

Regular: $5,997

Kimberly Price $2,997

Powerful Breathwork Only

This is breathwork you didn’t learn in Yoga Class.
Absolutely amazing.

Regular Price:  $797

Kimberly Price: $397

Simple Relaxation.

Experience a letting-go from every facet of your being

One Price:  $347

Weight Loss Package

It is advised, for this focus, that we do a package. It will be unique,
based on your life and experience, your perspective as well as your personal weaknesses 🙂
Three or four extended sessions.

Regular Price:  $7,997

Kimberly Price: $4,997

Ask me about my six-month Alzheimer’s package.

I combine my music expertise with the mind-imagination sessions,
and we include, as well, an amazing health and wellness coach.
It is Extraordinary!
This is for those who fear they are prone to, and want to prevent Alzheimers, or those who have been diagnosed, but are in the very early stages.