I went to Thwack!ch to prepare for a major vocal audition. After working with Joan I not only felt prepared for the audition – she was quickly able to give me additional techniques to improve my reach and power-on when belting – but I left feeling much more at peace and sure of my talent and place in the world as an artist. I am finding a new confidence and joy in my craft thanks to the powerful visualization and breath work I did with Joan at Thwack CH.”

P. Laine

Issues of plateauing

Limitations in creativity

Insecurities of ability

Crippling stage fright

Resistance to practicing

Loneliness of touring

Countless other limitations

How Musicians Aspire and Achieve

Exponential Performance Breakthroughs

Profound change can happen in hours, rather than months, or years. Even old traumas can dissolve, and still the individual retains the memory and experience of it, which is a gift. Lives of so many have been changed, transformed, dramatically and naturally enhanced. This is all done with words to the imagination.

Imagine, releasing the mental chains that block your area of genius.
Then witnessing your own creativity pouring effusively from your mind like a joyful stream of motivation.

The work reveals a deeper purpose, fosters renewal, and engenders clarity.

in her element

at home in Nature.

I take the client on a transformative journey based on their expressed needs, desires, and experiences