Golfers: Imagine the ball soaring through the air like a comet, or a guided missile, finding its target effortlessly, like finding its home, where it belongs. Feel the pervading joy, the unbridled elation of having dealt the powerful swing to triumph. I work with artists, performers, athletes to dissolve their fears and blocks so that they can unleash and maximize their talent and abilities. Are you passionate about the game? Something about the precision, the perfection of the swing, the long drive. Regardless of time, effort, lessons, you find yourself hitting a wall. I understand. I have worked with countless individuals to help them achieve what they desire. We start fresh, leaving behind the assumption of defeat.

The ball becomes an extention of your hopes, your dreams. You soar with the ball and you want it to break through your barriers, your limitations, your looming boundaries to freedom. You want it to break the sound barrier, the light barrier, and reach a target that seems impossible. It’s not impossible, and you may be amazed at how quickly you evolve. Let’s dramatically improve your game, your score, and see what else there is. If this sounds enticing, or peaks your curiosity, find the word “contact” in the menu above, click on it, and fill in the very short form. Email, Text, Call. Let me know a good time to reach you. Take advantage of my introductory offer.