About Joan Leslie Sharp

Ms. Sharp has an extensive background in music, including performance, composing and teaching. Her journey in Performance, Teaching and Creating and Composing Music, has lead her to a deep understanding about mindset, i.e., how the mind and imagination influence us as individuals in every facet of our being. After studying for years on her own, she chose to get the certifications in Transformational Hypnosis as well as multiple levels in NLP and Neuro-Engineering. Her clients are quite grateful that she has expanded into Coaching, bringing them welcome transformation and relief from painful emotional tethers, and various anxieties, and related habits. She has a unique approach rooted in profound and substantial concepts, bringing greater fulfillment and freedom of life to each client. She also brings in her vast experience in Yoga, Mentalphysics, Breathwork, Reiki, Lightwork and more.
Expand and Transform. Gain Clarity in every facet of your being.
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