Read one Person’s Story on Overcoming Depression

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With depression, sometimes it happens like this: You just wake up in the thick of it and can’t remember the journey; how you got there — because for some, depression doesn’t hit all at once. For me at least, depression more kind of crept into my bones like a winter chill, little by little, over the course of many weeks — perhaps months — until I was spending most of my days struggling to start or finish even simple, everyday tasks. My procrastination had grown so chronic, that I became practically paralyzed with inaction. And that’s because for me the world had become a dark place. That, dear friends, is the state of struggle Joan Sharp found me in when we first met. Joan, however — after just a few probing questions — knew exactly what magic to administer to get me back out into the light. Her effect on me has been nothing short of life-transforming.

Today, I burst with fulfillment because I’m off pursuing meaningful goals, and taking charge of my daily life. Piles of to-do lists are things of the past because now I easily tear through my day accomplishing all that I set out to do.
The icing on the cake is that even my loved ones have noticed the change. My wife and children are more than thrilled! I’m a better dad and husband, for sure.

In addition, less than a month after Joan, I found interesting and worthwhile employment, finally.¬†And I owe it all to Joan. My life has changed, plain and simple. She’s a miracle worker.

-Al Barber

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