Exponential Performance Breakthrough

Ready to Unleash your Business and Leadership Potential?

“The Work I do Clarifies your Life’s Path, Enabling the Successful Navigation of Goals”

I know who you are. You have endless ideas and a heart to reach as many people as possible with your brilliance. You want to contribute to the world, make money in the process, maybe change things for the better, and leave a wonderful legacy.

So it’s easy. Why aren’t you doing it?

It’s one thing to be excited about a venture, and a whole other thing to complete it. There’s a phrase for it, “The Art of Completion.”

You’ve read the books and it’s like reading the cheat codes for a game. So why haven’t you “won?”

Because in real life, the Cheat Codes vary from person to person. The Cheat Codes are what open you up and cause you to gently release that which is holding you down or keeping you from breaking free and going forward.

The work we do together will identify and reveal these codes, and we will then do our gentle, but powerful, Mind-Imagination work, bringing you to the Exponential Moment which continues to unfold and expand far beyond the time of the session.

The work we do together will clarify your life’s path and enable the successful navigation of your goals. At that point, and only at that point, will you be able to make efficient use of the “advice” from the experts?

 It’s all about:

Dissolving blocks fears and anxieties
Releasing Trauma
Allowing joy and spontaneity to surface
Engendering clarity
Transforming resistance
Distilling to the sublime


  • Transformational Hypnosis

  • Select aspects of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

  • Light and Energy Transference

In most cases, the work is done in 4-hours, with remarkable and lasting results.

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Let’s talk about the concept of “resistance”

The refusal to accept or comply with something; (the attempt to prevent something). (There is a right time and place for resistance. But setting goals and merging and harmonizing with those goals, backing them up with your heart and soul — in this process, there is no room for resistance). You might hear somebody say, “I know what I’m supposed to do, I just don’t do it!”

Well, because we’re human we can grow

We can develop and change that image of who we are, we can deepen that awareness of WHY we are holding ourselves back — and we can be open to different realities. Most of the time, we solidify our trauma and resign ourselves to “what we are” — but when we loosen those memories, we find so much more in the details — we discover subtleties — other perspectives. What might have held us back, is now propelling us forward!