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This is a review based on the excellent work that Joan has provided for my daughter. My daughter struggled with throwing fits, being easily upset and influenced. Nothing we were doing seemed to be working but since meeting with Joan she has learned to deal with things in a different manner also express herself better instead of crying or thinking she always has to be angry when trying to get her point across she now takes her time with talking to me and has always been doing her breathing she was taught to help her relax. She loves Joan and gets so excited when she comes over for their session. I would highly recommend her to everyone.

Kameren Davis

Dear Joan,

I want to thank you for such an amazing session. You are a true healer and guide in the work you do.

What I loved most about your style is you are very gentle and non threatening in your approach helping me unlock the unconscious energy that has been blocking my potential and success in life. Your quiet and calming voice, as you ask questions and guided me to peaceful place, opened my heart and soul to heal a very deep childhood trauma in a way I never thought possible. I want to thank you so much and I look forward to more sessions in the near future. You are very gifted healer.

Michelle Babitz



Thank you.

I went to Thwack!ch to prepare for a major vocal audition. After working with Joan I not only felt prepared for the audition – she was quickly able to give me additional techniques to improve my reach and power-on when belting – but I left feeling much more at peace and sure of my talent and place in the world as an artist. I am finding a new confidence and joy in my craft thanks to the powerful visualization and breath work I did with Joan at Thwack CH.

P. Laine

J Leslie here is a testimonial. It’s only the truth.

“Working a few sessions with Ms. Sharp has helped improve my life perspective considerably. Her exercises and insight has helped me cut through lingering emotional anxiety and focused my outlook during a time of transition and worry.. I would recommend anyone with interest and open mind to try with her practice. She is an amazingly creative and life experienced person with genuine care for other.”


I’m sorry I have to cancel our session this week, I was looking forward to it because something is happening — today I was excited about life for the first time in months, maybe years!

( a recent text from a client)

My life is very stressful and I desperately needed some tranquility. I was already taking meds for anxiety, but they no longer worked. It was recommended to me by a friend, to call Ms. Sharp. At the end of one session I felt a deep peace that I hadn’t felt in many, many years. I am continuing with her amazing sessions.

A. Kenaman

Because of childhood trauma that lasted for several years, I developed a hoarding problem. This carried on throughout my adult life and I am now in my early 40s. It has taken a toll on my friendships, my marriage, and my self-esteem. Over the course of several sessions, I discovered more and more about the cause of this. More importantly though, I discovered that I was so much more than these symptoms. I now have a very healthy approach to organizing and discarding things. As a side perk, I have been able to release nearly all of my childhood trauma. My life is much more exciting and my marriage has been saved. Each of these sessions seemed like a miracle in the making. I highly recommend Ms. Sharp to anyone who desires to lift their lives to a higher level.

–Richard S.

My business had plateaued and I was at a loss of what to do. I had tried advice from professionals, but it made no difference. A friend told me about Ms. Sharp. Though “mind and imagination” work didn’t, on the surface seem relevant, after an initial free consultation with her it all made more sense. I did discover that I had blocks that were holding me back. In other words, I was holding myself back. It just took a few sessions with her to change my pattern. It felt effortless and even joyful. I am so grateful.

-Virginia K.

I had experienced a series of disillusioning events. These events related to friendship, marriage, and my abilities as an artist. They left me confused about who I was. I began to feel as though I had no true purpose in life. Every single aspect of my existence fell apart except for my work. I was very grateful that my work continued but felt strain even in that setting in light of these personal failures. I had been seeing a conventional therapist for a year prior to contacting Ms. Sharp. I had thought highly of this therapist and felt as though there was satisfactory improvement. Nevertheless I had heard about Ms. Sharp’s work with mind and imagination and thought that it couldn’t hurt. I had no idea what to expect! We had a few sessions with just focused conversation which helped immensely. Then she used her techniques of NLP and Hypnosis. I don’t even know how she did it, but my entire outlook changed. I was more enthusiastic about life, about work, and felt as though everything was ongoing. I had not lost anything of value. The changes have been lasting and welcome.

K Mershson

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