How Musicians Aspire and Achieve

Exponential Performance Breakthroughs

Profound change can happen in hours, rather than months, or years. Even old traumas can dissolve, and still the individual retains the memory and experience of it, which is a gift. Lives of so many have been changed, transformed, dramatically and naturally enhanced. This is all done with words to the imagination.

Imagine, releasing the mental chains that block your area of genius.
Then witnessing your own creativity pouring effusively from your mind like a joyful stream of motivation.

The work reveals a deeper purpose, fosters renewal, and engenders clarity.

Ms. Sharp understands complex thoughts and feelings and develops a profound rapport. She senses the unsaid and intuits at deep levels, enabling the client to release deep doubts and fears, simply by guiding to another understanding. This engenders a new freedom and reality. The process, her unique way, nurtures renewal, rejuvenation and inspiration by creating new neural pathways. In a matter of hours, the process allows the client to embrace new aspects of himself or herself and attain a sublime clarity.

– I establish a gentle rapport and create a safe space for expression
– I listen patiently to the personal issues and how they relate to the individual history and goals

– I glean what isn’t said

– I facilitate an extraordinary relaxed state
– I involve every physical and non-physical system

in her element

at home in Nature.

I do two rounds of “relaxation and renewal” addressing beyond the physical

I take the client on a transformative journey based on their expressed needs, desires, and experiences

As a Performer, are these common thoughts?

1. I don’t practice 2. I don’t practice enough 3. I get lonely when I practice 4. I get nervous when I perform 5. My hands get sweaty 6. My face gets sweaty 7. I forget everything in front of an audience 8. My hands get tired before I’m done 9. I’m limited in my musical abilities 10. I want to master different styles

As a Music Therapist, are these ideas that plague you?
1. I know that my healing work can be more powerful than this 2. I know that there are more powerful approaches to musical therapy, than what they taught me in school 3. I want to have a powerful and positive influence on these clients/patients that I work with 4. Music is extra-ordinary in its power and breadth to regenerate and rejuvenate.

These are all just hints at where to begin the work. Again, we’re talking lasting transformation, done gently with Consciousness and Heart, in a matter of hours.