Case Studies

Case Study 1.
I worked with a woman in her thirties, married with two daughters, 5 and 7 years old. She was so
stressed by her job as aerospace engineer she was often ill, and even wound up in the hospital. Her
husband and daughters were walking on eggshells as her moods would dramatically change. She
already had a psychiatrist, a psycho-therapist, a temporary hypno-therapist AND was on small doses of
prescription meds for stress and depression. She was still tense and even with all of this, wound up in
the hospital, ER. First I worked with her for only about 8 minutes, just to give her a quick example of
what I do. I could see the difference but let her speak. “Wow. Now I AM relaxed.” It was quite
apparent and even palpable. We made an appointment to have a more extensive session. I visited a
week after this second session and her kids were happy and affectionate, she was calm and even
cheerful, and her husband was absolutely relieved. She had completed her stressful project at work
which accomplishment she called a “miracle” and landed another job with a different company. This
was from one induction.

Case Study 2.
A woman with the initials E.S., had deeply rooted issues re her mother, now deceased,
who was verbally abusive, and often suggested that her daughter should not have survived
birth. This woman’s entire childhood was plagued with similar suggestions that her life was not
worth anything.
She carried around these difficult memories for many decades and had gone
to several therapists to no avail. After three sessions, this woman thanked me profusely
for rescuing her from these memories and accompanying feelings of desperation,
depression, and resentment.

Case Study 3.
I worked with a gentleman who was lacking deep motivation for building up his fitness
business. He was frustrated knowing that the business should be taking off much more
impressively than it had been thus far. We found the source of his resistance and with the
use of a metaphor, brought him around to a vision of his business that lit him up with excitement
and inspiration. He broke through his resistance and was quite excited to begin his new
set of plans.

Case Study 4.
A couple who had been desperately looking for just the right home for many months. They
were almost going to give up, having almost gone through escrow with two homes, but
each one fell through. After a little work with me, the wife expressed that she felt the
session had been extremely helpful. We had talked and found where resistance lay in each of them. Within
two weeks they found their home, a vintage house on many acres, they found to be perfect.