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The Search

The Search We get strong messages directing us as to what we are supposed to do with out lives, where we are supposed to go, what we need to focus on for our blossoming. This is between [...]

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Trauma When we think of the word "trauma" we usually imagine a very severe, extreme state of injury; Somebody in the hospital who was in a terrible accident with broken ribs, a punctured lung, possibly unconscious, who [...]

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with Consciousness and Heart Please

With Consciousness and Heart Please “Practices a practice practicing!” Frank Zappa Quote Yes this is what we do, practice, we hone our skills, we let our music and abilities speak for us. We don’t make excuses for [...]

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Abortion trauma is pervasive and yet not really acknowledged for the gravity it presents. Let me say that I am absolutely pro-choice but I realize that it’s a deeply profound decision to make, having an abortion. The results get stuck in a political clash that doesn’t allow for the far-reaching emotional and psychological consequences nor does it allow for their understanding or healing — it’s like an emotional gerrymandering that makes these women feel powerless, and encourages them to remain “safely” hidden.

Another ignored area is postpartum depression. It’s real and can be very dangerous. Women feel ashamed, with their brand new children, to say that they are plagued with consistent melancholy, that they aren’t filled with joy. They are offered the latest medication, and dismissed. This rarely takes care of the problem, which persists in a lesser or greater degree as time continues. With me, often the solution comes when their thoughts and feelings are unraveled, and the issue becomes clear.

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