Blocks with the words "This is the Day"

I just did some powerful work with a budding entrepreneur who was stuck in
procrastination, clinging to his ambitious vision but experiencing resistance for years,
to putting it into play, to testing it.

He was lacking in neither talent nor experience nor
time to accomplish what he needed to do. He just had a fear that was so embedded, that he
didn’t even realize it.

After two half-sessions, appr. 5 hours total, he has found himself,
and I quote, “focused like a laser beam, for some reason,” unquote. I found him
working on his computer which, in the morning, he had already been doing for hours,
and confidently knowing he would be working for the rest of the day. He started the
day by reading, something he ‘never does’ he assured me.

He had absolutely no idea what had happened to him and thought all of this might be just a happy coincidence
that it came after our session. But he thought about it and laughed at himself for that
bizarre thought. We set a second follow-up meeting a few weeks into the future, and
he was excited about what he “knew” was going to be impressive progress to report.

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