I bring you to an Exponential Moment of Release and Renewal.

in her element

Together we

dissolve blocks fears, anxieties

release painful emotions

Engender Joy and Spontaneity

Motivation and Clarity

I am certified on a master level in Transformational Hypnosis, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Neuro-Engineering, and more. I have an extensive background in Music including a degree in Music Composition. I use several modalities. In addition to the above, I use light transference, esoteric breathwork, music, and still more. Over 90% of clients are healed and transformed in 4 to 8 hours. Results last for years, often permanent.

Restore Inner Harmony, Joy and Spontaneity, Clarity and Motivation


relieving depression

attainment or achievement of goals

dissolving unwanted habits


reduction or elimination of pain

Enhancing, uplifting your life experience

embracing Joy and Spontaneity

I am a member of The Holistic Chamber of Commerce.

I am the founder of Thwack!ch, a powerful approach for the mind and imagination. I work with Artists, Performers, Athletes and more, to unleash and maximize their potential, their talents and abilities. I work with people in crisis, AND I work effectively with All Individuals for goals that are personal, professional, and relationship.