Leslie Sharp: Certified in Transformational Hypnosis and NLP on a Master Level

We humans tend to fall out of sync with our own sense of purpose. This can take the form of depression, chaos, confusion, sickness, bad habits, relationship difficulties and more. This can also happen with teams, i.e., sales teams, business teams, musical teams, theatre groups, and more. I am certified at a masters level using NLP and have used that as well as Transformational Hypnosis to dissolve blocks, anxieties and limited beliefs. I bring other modalities in as well, having an extensive background in music and breathwork. I do profound work with private individuals as well as groups and teams.

Mindset and imagination have been pivotal in raising up individuals and companies from struggling to a level of impressive success. Forbes Magazine has an article revealing the power of this mode of coaching for dramatically increasing sales and revenue.

I dissolve blocks and assist the client in reaching crystal clarity. The individual will see through to their greatest visions and achieve the fruition of high expectation. The client will experience the generous power in the universe and know it is there for them as they transform in awareness. The individual embraces transformation with joy and fulfillment.

I am certified at a master results level in Neuro-Linguistic
Programming, and have used that as well as Transformational Hypnosis to dissolve blocks, anxieties
and limited beliefs.

In addition, these techniques can be used to enhance and accelerate any learning
process, any type of performance, any attainment of goals, while creating ease, delight and enjoyment on the path.

As a classically-trained musician I learned about a multi-faceted mind, I learned about discipline, creativity and imagination. As a composer I learned to listen very patiently to the sounds in my mind and became aware of the infinite amount of directions any note can take. As an improviser, I learned that so much can happen in the splitting of a second, a flash of a moment. As a teacher of music ( including composition and improvisation) I realized that the biggest barrier most people have to accomplishment, are blockages, usually based in fear, lack of confidence, or a framework that excludes them from the realms of music, or excludes them from being integral with elements of music.

As a teacher, I sometimes take on the role of Coach, having to assess the mindframe of the child, the young child, the teen, the adult, and those in between.

I have to tap into their interest, their motivation, their visions of who they might be, and their vision of who they are. I have learned so much about the mind, both from firsthand experience and as well, from working with others. I always gave myself the luxury of working one-on-one for this reason, that everyone is unique, yet everyone shares many qualities, values, and states of mind. These are how we grow and expand and experience so much. Within these are also limiting beliefs rooted in fear, confusion, chaos.

Breaking Through

I have gotten quite good at breaking through these fabrics of stubbornness. Sometimes a word with just the right tone will do it. I have found that I have deep wisdom and training to reach into the vast and fertile imagination and find the intersection of insecurities, and to gently turn them around, creating lasting change. Understand,

I do NOT uproot anything, that is not my approach. I feel that all memories, feelings, impressions are precious and should stay intact.

I do however, take a client on a journey that opens up doors of expanded perspective, awareness, which is the key to true and stable change, even happiness. If a person has goals, I can move them dramatically closer, achievement becomes moments away.

Everyone, at whatever age they are, has things that they treasure about themselves, and maybe things that they want to change or enhance.
I am dedicated to the alignment of minds and heart: the conscious to the unconscious to the heart. Out of seemingly an infinite amount of words and concepts of varying cultures, literature and archetypes, I hone my guidance to suit the facets of your individual situation. You release pockets of trauma, release limited and hindering beliefs, release crippling stress that makes life unbearable.

Instead, experience a deep tranquility, heightened awareness, and a yearned-for balance in joy, leaving you with empowered awareness, strength, clarity and a base of Truth on which to build.

Areas of focus: blocks, depression, finance, health, relationships, motivation, goals, trauma, weight, smoking, pain, clarity, and those I have yet to encounter.
Additional specialty: Enhance Performance: actors, instrumentalists, vocalists, dancers, athletes, artists and more

No desired outcome is too small or too large to require focus

Perhaps you will provide me with the opportunity for the next adventure of imagination from which we will derive powerfully dramatic results in your life. I look forward to our meeting.

I am certified in Transformational Hypnosis, and in Neuro Linguistics and Neuro Engineering on a Master Level.
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