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Releasing the Mental Chains that Block Your Area of Genius.

Experience Powerful Transformative Work

Restore Inner Harmony.

The work brings about remarkable and lasting results in a matter of hours. It is powerful in clearing the way of anyone’s path, bringing about clarity, harmony, joy and freedom.

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I had a very difficult divorce situation. My husband was manipulating the system and using our kids as pawns. Ms. Sharp was called in to pull me out of stress and enhance my clarity. Her work is remarkable! I was able to stand my ground and get what was best for the kids. Additionally, my image of myself changed and I
was able to see myself as so much more.

- Klara Sorwin

I am a professional musician and had a very demanding performance coming up. I was feeling insecure. My confidence wavered. With the awesome work of Joan, my expectations of myself were raised up. I felt confidence streaming through my body and my mind. The performance surpassed what I thought I was capable of. It was awesome.

- Miriam Clayburn

I own a beekeeping business and I sell honey and honey-related products. My business was in a slump and I was in and out of depression. Just one session with Joan and my profits doubled. My new vision for my bees and business took me out of depression completely. She is on my list of top three favorite people. She changed my life

- Arjuna Holman

I was a smoker and over-eater. Just a few sessions with Ms. Sharp and my desire to indulge in these things was effectively curtailed. So impactful was she, that my entire trajectory changed. I lost the desire for self-pity, for excuses, and for the vices. My entire outlook on the world was greatly improved. I feel I owe her so much and am deeply grateful.

- Heather Martin

I had developed a drinking problem related to intense stress. This happened in a relatively short amount of time. I felt powerless and nearly crushed by my situation. The alcohol offered me a complete escape and made me feel happy. The consequences of my drinking at this particular time in my life were dire for my work as well as for my family. Ms. Sharp worked with me in three sessions. One session was two hours and the others were only one hour. I was very skeptical that this would work for me. I thought I was just playing along, humoring Ms. Sharp, but the next day I tried drinking. It was useless. I did not get drunk. It had very little affect on me. This was way different than what I had expected. I had lost any reason for drinking. I have given up alcohol. This saved my mind, my family, and my job.

Karen Kleineman